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Don't let feeling like crap get in the way of your success !

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

If you aren't feeling your best but can't seem to put your finger on what's wrong (or what's not right!), you may be among the millions of people accepting life at a sub-standard level of health.

Tired mum low in energy struggling with post viral fatigue
When there is so much to do but you just cant get it together !

Do any of these common symptoms sound familiar?

  • You lack energy, motivation and enthusiasm most days;

  • You regularly have headaches or dull body pain;

  • You often feel uncomfortable after eating;

  • Your libido has gone missing, and it's affecting your relationship;

  • PMS and mood swings ruin your life for one week each month;

  • Diets and exercise don't seem to help you to lose weight,

  • You often feel anxious or depressed without reason or have trouble sleeping,

  • You are super health conscious but can't seem to fall pregnant,

  • You have been to see your GP, who has referred you to a specialist who has done all the tests, yet the blood tests all say there is nothing wrong...

The great news is: you are not alone and it doesn't have to be that way.

The common scenarios outlined above is actually where naturopathic medicine shines. While initially hesitant, many of my clients are always delighted that very quickly they feel at ease and a simple consultation with me has been able to reveal and help remove the obstacles that stand between them and their own wellbeing in a way they have never seen before.

Here are some short videos from real clients after their first couple of sessions with me :

To achieve optimum health of body, mind and spirit, allow me to draw upon a variety of modalities to design for you a tailored, individualised wellness plan incorporating nutrition, remedial massage, herbal medicine, energetic healing, Flower Essences and breathwork.

Functional Pathology Testing may be ordered to get to the source of what may be ailing you. This may require blood, saliva, stool or hair samples to be sent to a lab and analysed to show levels of hormones, cholesterol, blood glucose, bacteria, enzymes, nutrients, minerals, heavy metals, genetic profiles, food intolerances and immunological factors. These results can show us what is happening inside your body at a cellular level and, though available for them to use, are different to the tests that most GPs prescribe routinely.

Naturopathy is excellent for anyone with an acute condition (such as cold or flu or inflammation sports injury or accident) with a chronic condition (such as chron's disease, IBS, hayfever, arthritis or psoriasis). For those in remission from cancer, undergoing IVF or planning an unavoidable surgery, Naturopathy may provide symptomatic relief from medication side effects and can get you back on the road to recovery better and fitter than ever before. There is no health condition that natural medicine can not support !

Doctors and medical visits can be time consuming, and poor health can affect your self-confidence, your mood and motivation.

Why limit your ability to be, do and have the kind of life you really want ?

We all can all agree that a personal trainer can help you get great physical results from exercise. Similarly, as a health coach and mentor, my role is to guide and motivate you to achieve your health goals by helping you stay accountable to small achievable changes to your diet and lifestyle. This can positively reduce the number of prescription medications you may have to take, reduce sick days, and speed up recovery from illness and surgery.

Your time is valuable, use it wisely !

Don't get overwhelming and often inaccurate advice from Dr Google. Don't stand for hours gazing at the myriad of supplements available on supermarket shelves wondering if any of them can help - get quality advice that makes sense and is tailored to you. Book a FREE Wellness Connection Call with me here.

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