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Harness the Healing Power of Flowers

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

There are 69 essences in a full Australian Bushflower Remedy Kit.
Custom Flower Essence blends are made with stock essence bottles like these

Our mental state, the way we think and feel, no doubt has a significant impact on how we relate to others and how they perceive us and the choices we make for ourselves in the moment. How we feel has a huge role in whether we can face the battles of day-to-day life, our energy, stamina, and resilience.

Need a gentle mood lift ? Flower Essences to the Rescue

Along with herbal adaptogens like Siberian ginseng, Astragalus, Licorice, Saffron, Rhodiola and Withania, one thing I have found incredibly useful for myself and my patients over many years is flower essences, particularly the Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE). There are over 80 flowers that I intuitively prescribe, and they are very relevant to our modern human condition.

Flower essences are a vibrational medicine - what that means is that they are a very subtle substance that is produced by capturing the vibration or "energetic signature" of the flower- a little like homeopathy.

Flower essences work to balance our energy centres, our chakras and aura, which is traditionally seen to be the "seat of our emotional and spiritual being", offering gentle comfort and support during times of emotional upheaval, crisis and instability.

Here are some of my favourite Australian Bushflower Essence Remedies that I often prescribe for general low mood:

  • Alpine Mint Bush - brings joy, renews energy and enthusiasm for life. (from everything looking bleak and dull and seeing no light of possibility anywhere to a tiny glimmer of hope that leads to another and another)

  • Waratah - gives courage, adaptability, renews faith and drive to survive (allows ones mindset to go from "I can't do this anymore, I've given up, there is simply no way I can keep doing this, I simply can't face another day" to "I think I can. I think I can, I think I'm doing it, hold on, I'm actually doing it, look at me I'm doing it, I'm getting through, I gave it everything I had left, something came over me, and I just I knew I had it in me! Thank goodness, I did it, I survived!"

  • Sunshine Wattle - provides optimism and sense of gratitude in the present moment. (shifts perspective from "its cold and I can't take this anymore!", to "I know its cold, but it will be ok, all is well, I have everything I need to survive this and spring is coming soon")

  • Red Grevillea- supports you while you make tough decisions and gives you the courage to leave situations that make you feel unhappy (this might be the courage to entertain moving to a new house that has no mould issues or better insulation or even deciding to move to a warmer climate all together!)

  • Wild Potato Bush - gives a feeling of lightness and freedom to those who otherwise feel weighed down in life (thinking shifts like this, from "its all just to much, I can't bear it anymore, I simply can't move forward, I can't move back, I'm stuck" to sounding and looking more like "maybe just maybe there is support available to me I'm just not seeing yet. Perhaps I will go looking and see what I can find"

There are many others besides these examples relating to relationships, confidence, adolescence anxiety, etc. A unique blend can be created for the specific individual and the particular challenging issues they may be facing. If you want a personalised flower reading for yourself or a family member, click here to purchase a custom made blend that is curated just for you/them.

A reminder of best practice.

If symptoms persist, please see your doctor. As a qualified naturopath, it is my highest obligation to see you well and feeling vital as soon as possible. If during our consultation I get a sense that a differential diagnosis is required I will always refer you to your GP.

Many natural remedies, whether it be flower essences, homeopathics, supplements or herbs are complementary to standard allopathic medications, especially when professionally prescribed by a qualified naturopath. Sometimes medication use is unavoidable. The ideal is always to be on the lowest dosage for the least amount of time. Ensure you speak to your doctor about a long-term medication management plan. Genetic testing such as DNAMind or MedScan may be ordered through RNLabs, a testing portal I have access to, to check what the best medication is for you. to limit side effects. Book a FREE wellness connection call with me here if you would like to discuss this type of genetic testing option and to get sent a sample report..

Be prepared at your doctor or specialist appointment to ask questions like :

- how long will you be taking the medication for?

- What is the intended outcome of use and expectation of effectiveness?

- What are the known side effects and what do you need to look out for?

- Can the dosage be reduced in time?

- Is regular blood testing required and how regularly?

- If you are working with a naturopath would the doctor allow you to consider drug free alternatives for a short trial?

In the meantime while you are working it all out, researching and questioning which you are encouraged to do on any health journey, flower essences are a discreet and safe medicine, for bother adults and kids of all ages.


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