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Terms of Service

Please familiarise yourself with terms of service and use of this website.


The purpose of this website is to improve the overall health, vitality and well-being of the body through nutritional education and the guided use of natural foods and herbal and nutritional supplements. The Naturopath, Vashti D’Vyne, does not diagnose diseases, disorders or conditions but through engagement may educate the patient on their pathology or symptoms.


 Should clients request the Naturopath, Vashti D’Vyne, to recommend dietary changes and/or nutritional supplements to enhance  their body’s natural ability to resist and/or overcome a known disease, disorder or condition, it is the clients  responsibility to disclose the nature of the disease, disorder or condition, prescription medications and treatments and all other relevant details to the Naturopath. If you have not previously consulted a doctor or GP about a certain disease, disorder or condition, those that engage with this service acknowledge that they will be directed to promptly do so. Clients are advised not to alter or discontinue treatments prescribed by their medical doctor or other licensed health professional without consulting the individual who prescribed the treatment.

Clients must acknowledge that it is their own responsibility to disclose acurate information duinf consultation and follow prescribed recommendations for changes in diet, lifestyle habits, including the use of nutritional supplements or other prescribed therapies for optimal effect and health benefits for the length of time suggested with due diligence. 


The Naturopath, Vashti D’Vyne, is not a licensed Dietitian or Medical Doctor. If  as part of case taking and consultation the Naturopath, suspects the existence of disease, disorder or condition, I will be informed of this suspicion. However, I acknowledge this is not a diagnosis or conclusion about the state of my health and that I am directed to promptly consult a hospital emergency room, GP or Medical Physician about any suspected problems that may require further medical assessment and investigation


- A minimum of 24hrs is required for cancelling appointments.  Clinets are sent a reminder via text and email, if you need to reschedule please do so immediately. Appointments cancelled within 6 hrs of your appointment time will incur a cancellation fee of 50% unless the appointment was paid in full in advance or as part of a program, in which case you may be given the option to reschedule. 


 At least three (3) consecutive appointments minimum are recommended, but not required, to assess the benefits of this health service. 

- Clients agree to use the Better by Practice Better app and Wellness Advice Now client portal accessible via for all ongoing communications with my practitioner. 

- Sessions may be recommended once or twice per fortnight initially until the majority of symptoms have improved and maintaining with monthly consultations with use of food diaries and tasks to complete between appointments. Clients are free to decide at any time whether or not this service is right for me and can decline continued care.

Payments and Refunds

- Full payment for services is expected either before the consultation or on the day of the consultation. The practitioner reserves the right to charge an additional 10% fee for each day beyond the due date on any invoice that is overdue for time that is spent recovering late payments.

- Variable direct debit payment plans (via Square secure transaction) may be offered for ongoing packages and programs with agreed terms. 

- Payment information must be updated within the client portal for secure and swift payment processing. You can change card details or delete or remove your card at any time.

- Adjustments and transfers of ownership may be made adhoc prior to expiry period on packages with 48hrs notice of next recurring direct debit, but by signing this agreement, you acknowledge that no refunds will be offered for unused services. Package pricing is offered as an incentive to keep up motivation and results focus so if you do not participate fully or decide to cancel or withdraw, that choice is on you.

- There will be no refunds offered on prescribed products that have been opened. Unopened and unused products requiring a refund must be brought to the attention of the practitioner within 14 days of receiving goods.

- There will be no refunds issues on services rendered.

- In case of cancellation of package or program before end of package term, a cancellation fee may apply and you will be made aware of this prior to commencement of program.

Business Hours

My normal business hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. While I endeavour to respond to all messages and email communication asap, responsiveness can not be guaranteed if you contact me outside of these hours. 

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