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Meet Vashti D'Vyne,
Intuitive Naturopath
& Health Mentor

Are you tired of seeing health professionals who don't spend the time to listen to what is really going on ? 

Have you tried every supplement, every diet and read every health guide and almost lost hope that anything could really help you ? 

Have you got a medicine cabinet overflowing with different supplements and never really had any of them professionally prescribed ? 

Let an experienced practitioner take out the overwhelm and guide you gently towards good health, one step at a time...​

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Accredited Practitioner
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Hello seeker of good health,


If you are ready to get your life back then you have come to the right place !

I've been involved in the Natural Medicine profession for over 20 yrs, working in numerous clinic settings - from pharmacy to retreat and dayspa to multi modality acupuncture, physio and chiropractic as well as mainstream medical and specialized men's health. 

I have also had the privilege of working for some of Australia's most well known supplement brands and have gathered from that experience, knowledge of the latest in cutting edge research emerging in the field of complimentary medicine.

What I have learnt in this time of covering the full spectrum of the health industry and connecting with so many people is there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" when it comes to health and the truth of it is sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best.

I've been told over many years that I have a gift for being able to connect with the heart and soul of an individual, get straight to the point to shed light on what is limiting them. I have a knack for being able to take complex things and explain them simply in a way you will never forget ! 

My special interests include: cellular health and anti aging medicine, chronic pain, mood disorders, energy and libido, metabolic health and kids learning and behavioural disorders. 

If you are ready to get your health back on track and feel better than you have in years, I'd love to help !

Look forward to speaking with you soon, 

Vashti D'Vyne

Naturopath, Nutritionist and Health Mentor

Wellness Advice Now

Inform | Inspire | Renew

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I can support your Health and Wellness journey by: 

  • helping you create and stick to realistic and sustainable health goals,

  • prescribing therapeutically active, herbal and nutritional supplements,

  • advising you on functional testing to give you further insight into your condition,

  • guiding you with practical health support that is realistic for your body and lifestyle, 

  • complimenting any existing prescription medication for optimal effects.


  • Diploma Remedial Massage - 1998, Nature Care College 

  • Diploma Nutrition - 2000, Nature Care College

  • Advanced Diploma Naturopathy - 2000, Nature Care College

  • Ba. Health Science, Comp Medicine - 2002, Charles Sturt University

  • DNA 1&2 and Orion Healing Technique - 2003, Theta Healing® Sydney

  • Crystal Dreaming® Certificate 1 & 2 - 2010, Global Healing, Byron Bay 

  • Buteyko Breathing Instructor Training - 2022, Buteyko Clinic International

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