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Bring A Bit Of That “Ahhhh” Back From Your Holiday

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Enjoyed your regional Escape? Take a look at how one regional retreat values my contribution to the health of their clients. I will share some of those ideas on how to bring a little bit of that "ahhhh" back from your vacation. If you want to read the full article head over here.

Holiday relaxing is as easy as 1, 2, 3....

Come on a journey with me. It goes a little something like this...

Step 1 : take a long meandering drive out of the hustle and bustle of the city

Step 2 : absorb awesome sights and nature views along the road,

Step 3 : enjoy the pleasure of a lengthy lunch at a local cafe

Finally arrive at your destination, kick off your shoes, flop on the bed and crack a cold drink or a welcoming cuppa ... Ahhhh ...

There is no place you have to be, nothing you need to do other than be present in that very moment. Nothing quite like it, is there!

But then the relaxing weekend break comes to an end, and you find yourself back into Monday madness all too quickly. It’s common to hear ourselves grumbling that the break finished so quickly, by the time the following weekend rolls around, it already starts to seem like a far-off memory.

The key to wellness is knowing how to take those holiday vibes home with you.


Here are a few of my recommended ways to make the most of those vacation vibes !

1) Stay in the present moment. Wherever you are, just be in the minute, bring your full attention to the here and now! Truly enjoy the views, scents, and experiences around you.

2) Bring a bit of your vacation residence with you. No, not a memento from the information centre gift store. Pick some lavender out of a cottage yard, fish a perfectly smooth stone out of a creek, crush some fallen gum leaves and placed them in your pocket. Really feel a feeling of gratefulness and also child-like marvel as you do so. There is something about smells that take you back to a memory, something playful about skimming stones and also taking home your favourite one that was in some way one-of-a-kind in an indescribable kind of way which made you reluctant to throw it. Maintain that rock in your pocket, on your home windowsill in the kitchen area, or on your desk at the office to advise you of your invigorating time away and to advise you that you can appreciate such care free times in nature anytime you determine to make time for it once more.

3) Fill your home and office work room with plants. The benefits of spending quality time in nature are well documented, so when returning from some revitalizing nature time, make sure to include a little bit of nature in your everyday. One of the easiest ways to do this is to "green" your house and work area with plants. Plants neutralize the impact of fluorescent workplace illumination as well as launch oxygen and also positive ions which are recognized to cleanse the air as well as brighten our mood.

4) Book your following get away prior to the "daily grind" catching up with you. How frequently do we hear ourselves claim, "well that was truly fun, why did it take me so long to do this for myself?" Place it in your diary, circle it on the schedule, tell your boss. A break only needs to be a short time away-- a weekend at most to be genuinely corrective. Too often we persuade ourselves we require longer. There is absolutely nothing far better than having something to look forward to and also too easily life catches up with us. Ease the stress by preparing your next break in advance. You will enjoy returning to work with the complete satisfaction of knowing you are currently counting down the weeks to your following retreat! If you are visiting the beautiful Blue Mountains region west of Sydney, you can book yourself in for a Remedial Massage or Energy Healing session in person with me.

My soothing healing space is located inside of Mountains Physio, Katoomba.

Every 3rd Sunday of the Month you will find me offering mini wellness consults, remedial massage, chakra balance sessions and a variety of wellness products at my regular stall at Magpie Markets in Lawson, NSW.

This October, Wellness Advice Now will be hosting a stall at the Leura Spring Fair, 8th and 9th October 2022. You will find me placed just outside of the Inner Space Furniture store. A fabulous weekend to visit. Come and say g'day ! For more great things to do in the Blue Mountains, check out Ask Roz , the most up to date database of great things to see and do during your stay.

A "break" is as good as a holiday when it comes to your wellness. If you'd love an escape but can't get away, why not plan a retreat at home ?

Switch the phone off, step away from social media and fill up the tub to enjoy a good old epsom salt bath. Plan to walk barefoot with no commitments and spend some time enjoying nature in the great outdoors.

You can order one of my customised 7 day meal plans here. Clean out the fridge and restock the pantry for clean eating all the way. Clear away yucky, stucky thoughts and reactivate revitalised wellbeing with a distance Energy Healing Session and a Personalised Bushflower Essence Reading with a remedy shipped directly to your door.

I'd love to hear about how some of these suggestions have helped enhance your wellbeing. Drop me an email here and let me know which was your favourite !

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