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Blue Mountains clinic rooms or direct to you, via the convenience of telehealth.

Are you challenged in who to listen to and what to choose when it comes to doing the RIGHT thing by YOUR body ? 


Sourcing professional natural therapies services and quality wellness advice shouldn't have to be so confusing and overwhelming.


Feel certain about your health options - there is a clear path forward once your have an informed strategy and I can show you how !  

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Naturopathy is for all ages and conditions

Wellness Advice Now offers a wholistic healthcare model with patient-centred approaches, educating you on how your body works and how you can best support it.
This is the secret to reconnecting you with your WELLNESS.
If you are anything like me, your life is a pretty busy one.
If you can't afford to be unwell and don't have time to be sick, then you are in the right place.
YES you CAN move from being stressed and overwhelmed with fatigue and discomfort to experiencing more energy and less pain with drug-free therapies. Its time to FINALLY feel in control of your HEALTH and FUTURE.  
In this moment, you are only one GOOD decision away from feeling stronger, healthier and brighter. Your soon to be HEALTHY lifestyle is just a series of small POSITIVE steps on repeat.
Everybody deserves CHOICE - the choice to do life and health in a way that works for you.
Wellness Advice Now will partner with you to advocate for your choices and help you stay committed to your health journey.

Near or Far - here are FOUR top reasons to get your health support online :

1) stress FREE  - wherever you live, wherever you are that day or that week, keeping on top of your health goals is as close as your phone. No more excuses !
2) save TIME -  no need to travel, no parking hassles, no waiting rooms !

3) save MONEY - no extra time off work, no need for a babysitter, affordable payment options 
4) be in CONTROL - choose, book and confirm your own appointments.  All case notes are shared with you digitally at the end of every consultation
4) stay ORGANISED - keep all your health information neatly filed and paper-free !
I use innovative technology that puts the clinic experience right in the palm of your hand.
Download the FREE Better by Practice Better app here.

Are you READY to feel the RELIEF of good HEALTH,

with an increase in ENERGY and VITALITY that you deserve, 

so you can get back to doing MORE of what you LOVE  ?

Allow me to CREATE for you an EASY TO FOLLOW,



About Me

Founded by Naturopath, Vashti D'Vyne, the desire to create on online naturopathic service - Wellness Advice Now came about after experiencing the convenience of telehealth for her own family health needs.

As a working mother of three who has done the "corporate grind", she understands first hand the needs of busy people !

With a career in natural medicine that has crossed many sectors her pre-Covid years were spent training a variety of health and wellness professionals to optimise outcomes for their patients. It was a shock to see how complex natural therapies had become for patients navigating wellness journeys.


 Wellness Advice Now was created to ease the way with simpler approaches and more emphasis on regular health coaching and supporting maintenance of healthier daily habits.


This is a vital missing link that is far to often overlooked by other practitioners in favour of treatments that are more costly to patients.

Not at Wellness Advice Now. I have developed a KISS philosophy (short for keep it simple, sweetheart !) 


It is my pleasure to support you with :

- safe and effective natural medicines,

- easy to use health technology,,

- empowered health options,


Working more closely with your practitioner in a connected way offers lasting results and can compliment any medical plan, improving general wellbeing and as well as limit medication side effects.


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I Can Help You With:

Gut Health

Skin Health and Allergies

Anti aging and Metabolic Health

Hormones and Reproductive Health 

Pain and Inflammation

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Wellness Advice Now ?

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 managing blood sugar and cravings
Support for anxiety and depression
help for irritable bowel and parasites
Managing allergies