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Energy Healing and Clearing Session


90 minutes

This is an intuitively guided shamanic journey using visualisation and a programmed crystal grid to go deep and discover limiting beliefs and karmic patterns that have been blocking cellular healing.

It can be conducted in person or via distance.

This healing session creates a safe held space to "peer between the veils", connect with spirit guides and teachers, embody new healing codes and develop a deeper relationship with self.

To ensure the most from your experience:

- Please allow yourself time to "ground" before and after as well as integrate healing (no rushing off to meetings or other commitments),

- if you are having this session in the comfort of your own home, create a space that is comfortable and warm, no interruptions. Propped with cushions sitting cross legged with back against a wall is usually good or lying down (ensure camera is angled to allow me to see your face and hear you), use of blue tooth headphones / earpods are ideal,

- arrive with an open mind and heart.

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