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Bushflower Essence Reading plus 25ml Custom Blend



Flower Essences are wonderful plant healers that have been in use in traditional cultures for thousands of years.

I have incorporated Bushflower Essence mixes into my work with clients since training with the Australian Bush Flower Essence modality founder, Ian White in 2001. I have always favoured Australian Flower Essences (as opposed to Bach Flower remedies which are European) purely because they are most relevant to our culture. Most recently I have also begun working with another newer range of essences, made in Australia, from Trees of the world, called Tribe of the Tree.

Over more than 20 yrs I have witnessed very profound healing effects not just personally but in my clients for all manner of imbalances, not just spiritual and emotional but physical too.

Flower essences are powerful and effective, trusted remedies that are easy to dose and suitable for all ages.

Taking the essences as a daily ritual helps to fine tune our awareness and focus on the things that we would like to give more attention to. They give gentle encouragement and emotional support and seem to offer this whether someone is a "believer" or "skeptic". They are definitely a "life hack" that just needs to be experienced first hand to be fully understood !

In this short consultation we will uncover what the core themes are currently in your current process - main underlying thoughts, feelings, fears and concerns. This is particularly enlightening even if your ailments are mostly physical you may be interested in learning what the key emotional drivers are that are being locked within diseased tissues, organs and cells. From here a unique flower essence blend will be prescribed.

This consultation includes 1 x 25ml flower essence (postage additional, please note if postage required)

Additional repeat flower remedies can be purchased for $20 plus postage or 2x bottles for $40 with free postage.

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