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7 Day Meal Plan


No Appointment Required

Need to change the way you eat but don't know where to

start ?

  • Gluten free

  • Dairy Free

  • Plant Based

  • SIBO or Anti Candida

  • Low Oxylate

  • Low Fodmap

  • Low Allergen

  • Salycilate Free

  • Everything Free ????

Let me take the guess work out of it for you with a handy 7 day meal plan with shopping list to follow.

You can order this plan anytime as a part of your health support strategy or it may be ordered as a singular service if referred by another practitioner or treatment guidelines you are following.

You will receive a form to fill so we can to tailor to your requirements including nutritional needs and calorie targets. Consultation is not necessary.

Book the appointment so I have time allocated to work on your plan, I may call you at this time if there is anything we need to confirm before formatting.

You will receive your custom meal plan with shopping list within 48hrs of ordering.

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