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5 Session Buteyko Breathing Course


5 x 60 min Sessions

Want relief from anxiety and panic attacks, snoring and sleep apnoea, sinusitis allergies and hayfever, insomnia, teeth grinding, dry mouth and more ?

You can “Reset” or improve your natural breathing habits so you breathe gently calmly and freely day or night awake or asleep with the Buteyko Method. You can search the net and bookshops for Buteyko exercises and information but your condition is unique to you and only an experienced coach can directly address your needs thoroughly and ensure your success.

The Buteyko Breathing Method is a world recognised, clinically proven method, provided it is taught and practiced correctly, that delivers surprisingly quick and sustained relief from breathing-related symptoms.

You can naturally convert from years of Mouth Breathing to Nasal Breathing and the results are permanent once new habits have been formed.

This does take a certain amount of dedicated effort and practice and I find a 5 week course is enough to get you started and you can continue to practice yourself at home along with a few follow up / refresher classes as required.

You will see a definite improvement in symptoms as a result of this course and a reduction of medication use - how much you improve is dependant on at-home practice between sessions.

This method is suitable from age 5 to 95 !

In most cases correcting your breathing can avoid nasal surgery or ensure that surgery or dental work does not relapse. If you have been told you may need nasal surgery, please do this course first, in 98% of cases you will avoid costly painful surgery.

This package includes :

- 1 x Initial Consultation and Breathing Assessment (valued at $165)

- 4 x 1hr Buteyko Breathing Sessions (valued at $99 ea)

- Between session support via the Practice Better App (valued at $25/wk)


Total Package Value = $ 610 Your Price = $495 incl GST (save $115 !)

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