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Hey Angel Mumma, 
I'm so glad you are here... I've created these just for you. I hope this gives you a little more "ease" at dinner time. Enjoy !

NB.  I made mention in my gift letter to you that these were Gluten and Dairy free - sorry that was a mistake they are NOT !
I decided to make them more suitable for most tastes and forgot to change that part of my letter before I printed it, oops..

The recipes of course can be adapted by using Gluten free bread and opting for non-dairy or lactose free milk and cheese.

PS. If you know of someone who has a certain tricky dietary needs, or struggle with managing a household with different food intolerances,  I make meal plans to all suit all dietary avoidance requirements and allergies (my most tricky task was vegan, nightshade and and soy free- the mum of this household was very appreciative for a whole new range of delicious recipes!)  Please be sure to reach out or  pass on my details, I'm here to help ! 

Healthy Food

Easy Peasy Family Friendly Meal Plan

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